The Ten Fundamentals of A Logical Organization

There are ten key elements that contribute to The Logical Organization:

  1. Thinking – how people think and the various types of thinking used in business; those which are now redundant, and those we should be embracing for the future
  2. Insight – how it transforms knowledge into wisdom
  3. Intelligence – the various forms of intelligence and how we apply them
  4. Logic – the core of business intelligence
  5. Creativity and Innovation – how our brain applies old knowledge to create new ideas; and what limits our creativity
  6. Knowledge Culture – how silos of knowledge prevent organizations from learning, innovating and advancing
  7. Collaboration – why it is feared by some and favoured by others
  8. Business Intelligence – it’s not quite as left brain as you might initially think
  9. Organizational Change – Why most change management models fail in todays corporations. Key considerations in how to influence your culture towards a healthier, more appropriate future
  10. Performance – the four key components to high performing organizations

Over the next few months, as I head into the launch of The Logical Organization I want to share with you my thoughts on business intelligence on these elements. So bookmark this site and subscribe to the RSS Feed.

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