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Choice of 3 Simple Responses to the Current Downturn

Since most of you have been bombarded with blog entries and articles on how to survive the tough times, I am going to keep this short and sweet. There are only 3 ways to┬árespond to the current situation: Ignore It, Accept Defeat, or Take Control And the way to take […]


Logical Interpretation – A Subjective Experience

I ran into a very dear friend last night who is an esteemed Doctor of Philosophy and Emeritus Professor. His sphere of expertise has been in theology, most particularly in debunking the theory of evolution. My knowledge in this sphere is such that I would never even consider debating any […]


Welcome to The Logical Organization Blog

Much has been written about corporate performance and the emerging new way of competition – business intelligence. Over the years I have witnessed great companies, full of energy bursting to get new products to the market, but doing so in an outdated mode. Process re-engineering has largely refined operations, but […]