Leading with SPI

Driving Productivity and Profit with Strategic Performance Improvement


Leading With SPI - Driving Productivity and Profit with Strategic Performance Improvement


LEADING WITH SPI reveals the secrets behind how leading businesses gain massive improvement in strategic performance.

Research has shown…

Most organizations develop sound, well documented strategies.

Few organizations implement that strategy effectively.

Even fewer, have a system in place that manages performance to
strategy in a pro-active manner.

SPI changes that…..how?

SPI is about strategic execution and performance improvement that is less about measurement for control and more about using KPI for innovative value-driven

  • SPI is a fresh insight that makes strategy more actionable, more accountable and more of a visionary guiding star that inspires and empowers the whole organization towards sustainable gains in performance.
  • SPI merges the disciplines of strategic execution, corporate performance management, and performance measurement into a single SPM model.
  • SPI extends beyond the boundaries of people, process and technology into the realm of insightful innovation that energizes a business from the ground up and top down.
  • SPI involves everyone in the business and acts as a powerful tool to help unshackle an organization from hierarchical performance constraints, political silos, poor decision making, stress related performance
    degradation and the many other corporate illnesses that prevent an organization from delivering maximum value.

LEADING WITH SPI is not shy at illuminating the good and the bad of preceding methodologies and draws readily from each to weave in the essence, without the complexity. SPI is about simplicity of action that suits organizations of any type and any size. It takes performance management to a higher level, by simplifying, clarifying and helping the reader focus on what’s important to do right now.

The SPM model is built on a foundation of sound decision making at key decision points along critical value chains, connecting strategy to daily activity in a robust, meaningful way to drive value creation. It drives more focus and clarity than any other management methodology used today.

SPI makes no excuses for past bad decisions – the blame game is not played in this book. SPI is about positive
learning and failing fast. It’s about stress testing your strategies and being pre-prepared to tackle any situation the market.

SPI makes everyone a leader, and everyone accountable. It stops inappropriate short term reactions to errant information and instead provides a basis for long term sustainable profitability based on a more robust, integrity-driven performance measurement system. It incorporates leading methodology and BI technology in a way that
simplifies the use of BI tools and delivers horrifying accounts as to why many dashboards today are not only delivering low levels of insight, but often lead to wrong decisions. In a refreshing change from many management books, it doesn’t stop there – it tells you how to avoid following the pack into disillusionment and how to ensure your dashboards deliver to the promise.

Don’t be surprised if this book makes you feel ignorant of what should have been obvious. Embrace that learning and rather than seeing the book as a single read – see SPI as a desktop guide to a new, more innovative, more profitable and more enjoyable business future.

SPI overcomes the dysfunctional impact of traditional PM systems, overcoming manipulation for personal agenda, negative controlling or blaming cultures, and fear of recrimination without loss of accountability. SPI doesn’t stop at the easy tangible measures; it helps the reader define creative ways to measure the intangibles – a key challenge for all organisations. It will not only significantly reduce these dysfunctions, but also promote alignment with business strategy, maximize cross-enterprise integration, and foster collaboration to drive more value throughout the organization, independent of organizational structures or titles.

SPI focuses less on calculations and analysis and more on robust, logically driven decision making at the right
times. It reaches beyond using absolutes, only suited to stable environments, and provides a methodology that is highly usable in today’s volatile environment. The SPM model introduces a stability and risk tolerance capability lacking in many businesses today, but importantly, does it in a way that further empowers rather than constrains business adaptability, and flexibility. A true competitive edge.

This book doesn’t just spout the ‘what’ and ‘whys’ of many management texts. It takes the reader right through the ‘hows’, deep diving right down to action lists and workshop profiles to guide the organization through the selection of CSFs, KPIs and PIs.

LEADING WITH SPI will show you:

    • Why traditional PM systems do not work
    • Why many new dashboards fail to deliver their full value
    • How to move beyond the initial measurement design, to a more powerful future-facing performance
    • How to get buy-in from your whole business into SPI
    • How to use mapping tools to connect processes, KPI and value to strategic objectives in a meaningful and measurable way.
    • The seven principles of SPI woven into the 12-step process to implementing a practicable, meaningful KPI based measurement system.
    • Step by step how to implement SPI – not a one-time project, but an ongoing capability that
      bridges the strategy-operations gap
      to drive continuous change and incremental improvement across all parts of the business, every day.
    • Why SPI becomes a way of being, a way of working, and a way of communicating across all functional, hierarchical, generational, social and cultural barriers.
    • How SPI drives important concepts that both improve the quality of decisions as well as the speed of decision making in any scenario.

LEADING WITH SPI doesn’t waste words taking you backwards through academic theory. Instead, it utilizes the
principles of SPI to provide clarity and focus on how to move forward. The information is highly actionable, and is organized in a logical way with case studies to provide context to the instructive material. SPI is highly relevant to today’s world.

SPI drives positive behaviour that delivers positive outcomes on a consistent basis – no matter what!

As with all her books, Gail delivers hard hitting, no nonsense actionable insight that has transformational impact. You don’t need to search for the big truths in this book – they hit you in the face. This book is a real wake up call for business owners, leaders and managers in all industries, and could be the make it or break it management guide to who survives the next few years as we attempt to pull ourselves out of the recession. It’s clear Gail really understands how businesses need to function to be successful today. Her 25 years of SPI consulting shines through in practical advice that can be implemented today.

LEADING WITH SPI is part of the TLO Management Insight Series supporting The Logical Organization.

Author: Gail La Grouw

Publisher: Electrosmart

Size: 9″x 6″

Pages: 252


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