The Logical Organization


A Logical Organization™ is one that understanding the new rules of engagement in the digital world – and how to use business insight to make better decisions.

Every aspect of business is decision-based, yet poor business decisions are costing organisations millions of dollars every year. Whilst many companies are still in the process of cleaning and organizing their data for BI tools, not enough are architecting their data for strategic decision making.

Overcoming this state demands alignment, relevance, efficiency, accountability, and data quality.

Coded Vision aims to do exactly as its name implies – encode the vision and mission of your business into the heart and soul of your insight and decision-making. And that starts with having an overall view of business intelligence from an executive perspective. That’s exactly what The Logical Organization aims to provide……find out more.


However, it doesn’t end there!

Changes are becoming more rapid and more complex that it is almost impossible to understand all the relationships and how they will affect your business. With over 30 years of consulting to major corporations on strategic improvement, working closely with the C-suite and IT in enabling better decision making there is more to business insight than just BI. That’s how the TLO Management Insight Series came into being.

TLO Management Insight Series

Insight starts with alignment of strategic objectives with every day tasks performed throughout the organisation – where everyone understands how they are contributing to the bigger picture. That’s what Leading with SPI provides…find out more

Insight depends on understanding how BI can be used most effectively in your business, and how that competency needs to be structured. This is the reason behind writing the BI Strategy Guide….find out more.

Insight is only communicated when data is presented effectively – in a way that is reliable in its completeness, its relevancy, and its latency, and in a way that is rapidly assimilated by the brain, even in the toughest of conditions. That’s what Effective Dashboard Design is all about…find out more.

Insight power teams, and their outcomes, with the precision that functional analytics can provide, at every functional level of the business. Sell More provides that framework for highly effective sales teams…find out more.

Connected Insight

One critical aspect of insight is that it needs to be ‘connected’. Every part of The Logical Organization relies on each of the other components. Data architectures and BI models cannot be defined without a concisely defined SPI Framework.


Insight dashboards rely on unified key performance indicators and clean, reliable data that is connected in a way that provides contextual relevance to decision makers. Only then, can specific solutions be crafted for the different functional areas of the business.


The Logical Organization isn’t just a theory – it is a way of operating businesses for the sensibility of the present, and the flexibility of the future.