BI Strategy


What is a Business Intelligence Vision?

If we were to take the literal interpretation of the definition of BI, we might say something such as “Business intelligence [BI]  is a set of techniques and methodologies that helps an organization make faster, more profitable decisions”. What BI actually means to your organization is defined from your BI […]


Aligning KPI, Business Rules and Decisions

Many businesses struggle with identifying their key performance indicators, from just performance indicators, and then reducing the number of KPI to those 3-4 that should be the primary focus at a particular time. They also fail to add one critical component to their KPI schedule that makes the difference as […]


Do You Need a Chief Performance Officer [CPO]?

You are no doubt aware of Obamas appointment of a CPO. It has raised an interesting discussion on Harvard Business Review Online as to whether this role is essential or whether it falls under the role of COO or CEO. Check out the article and comments and let me know your […]


When Facts Don’t Help Your Business

In a recent post by Seth Godin ‘Facts Always Win, Right?‘ he raises the challenge of when relying on facts gain be at the peril of your business. As a great advocate of making business decisions based on facts, rather than subjectively filtered personal emotions, I certainly support that different […]


Research Backs Up Current Views Over Cloud Computing

One of the major constraints of business intelligence implementation is the processing capability of the enterprise infrastructure. Cloud computing offers a feasible solution to this issue – but it doesn’t come without a number of obstacles. A recent report published by Berkeley Research Report on Cloud Computing outlines their views […]


vSphere – Changing the Face of IT

The role of IT managers is changing. Changing from selecting boxes and pipes that run the business transactions and communications to selecting and negotiating IT service contracts, managing SLA’s and seeking out new technologies to boost business performance. Today, 75% of IT budgets are spent on keeping the lights on. […]


BI May Be Sleep Solution For Executives

Recently BusinessWeek published the 10 top things that keep business leaders awake at night. So naturally, I thought I would offer my view of the top solutions to these problems as they relate to The Logical Organization. Top 8 Sleep-Killers The top eight issues keeping business leaders awake at night […]


The Great BI Debate

I just finished commenting on a rollicking debate about BI – The Great Debate: Business Intelligence but suggest you click over to read all the comments, as they covered off many of the reasons that I wrote The Logical Organization. I congratulate all on a great debate. All contributors made valid […]