TLO Management Insight Series

The Logical Organization – A Strategic Guide to Driving Corporate
Performance Using Business Intelligence

The Logical Organization


If you are like most business owners, executives and managers, you recognize it is getting harder to understand all the forces on your business, let alone the technology driving it.

Technology is escalating in its importance as a competitive differentiator in businesses today.

It not only supports every day operational activity, but also every day decisions that drive that activity to meet strategic goals.

Used correctly, technology adds a critical competitive edge, enabling smaller and newer companies to overtake their outdated lumbering incumbents.

Business Intelligence [BI] technology supports executives, managers and employees at every level of the business, across a wide range of activity.

Organizations that don’t embrace the advances in technology, do so at their own risk……read more about technology driving corporate performance.

The Logical Organization is rolling out in a series of support tools, expanding on the learnings and recommendations in TLO into very specific parts of the business. The first in the TLO Management Insight Series is for business intelligence managers – on BI strategy.



BI Strategy Guide

Effective Dashboard Design





Business strategy is simply a framework for making decisions that will lead to desired outcomes aligned with an ideal future state. That’s exactly the approach the BI Strategy Guide takes.

BI is more about improving the way we make decisions – decisions that are no longer based on key assumptions we have used for years that just may no longer be valid. It’s about understanding where decisions need to be made and ensuring that the right information is there in the right format to help the decision get made faster and deliver a better results. My previous book, Leading With SPI, covers this in detail, and provides you with the business framework to help you vastly improve your strategic execution.

A BI strategy is the secret to getting real value from BI. This provides the answers to questions such as how to start a BI program, who should be involved, how to build a BI roadmap, and how to get the business and IT working together.

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Effective Dashboard Design

Effective Dashboard Design





It’s not enough to just have the data – you need the insight, in a way in which you can rely on the picture being presented.

Too many business intelligence dashboards are being designed to ‘look good’ with insufficient thought into the story they tell and the purpose they serve.

Graphical design is not enough for an effective dashboard. EDD dashboards incorporate Gestalt principles of design with principles of visualisation that truly represent the performance in its full context.

Dashboards should help decision makers make more reliable decisions, and to make them faster. Find out more about the TLO way to build dashboards that is are more efficient and more effective, than ever before.

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Sell More – And Have Your Customers Love You for It

Sell More Sales Strategies and Analytics





Traditional selling is very numbers driven – but they are the wrong numbers for selling in todays market.

As customers have become more savvy, and the Internet has provided greater choice and product knowledge, customers are now seeking out ways to filter that vast information source into key recommendations. Old style selling processes with cold calling and trial closes fail to deliver to what customers want today.

Sell More helps Sales Managers and Sales People recognize why they need to change their sales strategies and processes and exactly how they can reinvent and reinvigorate their sales teams for greater
profit in less time, with less stress.

Just imagine making more money, and still having time to play tennis or golf, or get home to spend time with your family. Find out more about the New Way of Selling that is more effective, and more profitable, than ever before.

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Leading With SPI – Driving Productivity & Profit with Strategic
Performance Improvement

Leading with SPI - Productivity & Profit





Leadership is about getting the right things done, at the right time, for the right reason.

As leaders and managers breathe a sign of relief that the economic gloom is lifting, they are only too aware of the turmoil such a  time has bestowed on their businesses.

However, this is not necessarily a bad thing – out of chaos comes glory – if it is done the right way. Times of destabilization and the very best times to rationalize a business and drive positive change. SPI is your leading guide to that change.

A step-by-step how to guide to drive rapid execution of your strategic objectives and to help you focus on the performance that matters.

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Getting to Cloud – Discovering New Business Opportunities with
Cloud Computing

Getting to Cloud - Opportunities with Cloud Computing





Cloud computing is one of the most disruptive technologies since the Internet – in the most positive way.

Cloud computing is overturning outdated IT models as users seek more rapid response to their business needs.

But just how will Cloud computing impact not only businesses, but the IT reseller industry? Where there is fear and uncertainty there is hype and speculation.

Getting to Cloud destroys the myths, cuts through the hype and reveals the true beauty and full opportunity that the Cloud will provide.

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