Sell More - And Have Your Customers Love You For It!

If You Are Still Cold Calling - You Are Losing Sales

What Every Sales Manager & Salesperson SIMPLY MUST KNOW

To Outrun Their Competition


Sell More - And Have Your Customers Love You For It

Sales force performance drives the success of every business, and maintaining that performance is a constant challenge.

Winning sales teams today:

  • Know who their ideal customers are and exactly what they need - even before those customers know themselves
  • Know how to contact their customers in ways that are welcomed, and not routed to the Spam Box
  • Are sought out by customers as experts in their field - they actually phone to make appointments with YOU!
  • Make more money, with less effort and stress and have time to play a game of tennis after work. They even take holidays.

There are many businesses right now re-evaluating their core business, and maybe even their sales and marketing stratgies - but just how many are also re-evaluating their sales methods.

As market buying cultures change – so too must sales strategies and methods. As an expert in the field of business intelligence and performance technologies, Gail La Grouw has combined insightful strategy and core execution advice into helping sales teams improve their game and get ahead of their competition.


Are You Really Serious About Selling?

If you have been serious about sales performance for a while, you will have heard of Frank Rumbauskas - NY Best Selling Author of Never Cold Call Again. Take a minute and a half to listen to what this sales expert has to say about Cold Calling.


And he is absolutely right. Sales today is far more sophisticated than it was even 4 or 5 years ago. If you haven't updated your sales technique your customers will notice it, and be running to those who have.

Frank taught you WHY - Sell More teaches you HOW using powerful strategies and the latest in advanced sales technology.

Sell More challenges the old style of selling and builds a new sales model that transforms a sales team into a new level of professional excellence. A model that embraces the latest of sales technology and market insight.

Sell More extends on the art of salesmanship to embrace the science of sales analytics, and guides the reader through the use of the latest sales automation and business intelligence tools to break down old barriers and build new models of sales excellence. This book is a must read for sales executives, sales managers and sales teams alike.

Sell More is the first release in the TLO Management Insight Series.

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