What is a Business Intelligence Vision?


If we were to take the literal interpretation of the definition of BI, we might say something such as “Business intelligence [BI]  is a set of techniques and methodologies that helps an organization make faster, more profitable decisions”. What BI actually means to your organization is defined from your BI Vision. So what is a BI Vision? – it is a short description that clearly defines what BI will deliver to you. It is the first step in developing your BI Strategy. This might be:

“BI will provide a tighter connection between our strategy and operations thereby helping us be more productive and more profitable”.


“BI will deliver greater insight to our decision makers, enabling them to make decisions faster, and in a way that adds more value to our business”.

Your vision then defines the bones of your BI strategy – the best combination of techniques and technologies to meet the business intelligence [BI] vision of any one organization.

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