Data Visualisation

Data Visualization in the Media

One of the joys of being involved in advanced business technology is the connection via the media with interesting and innovative minds. One of those I have recently enjoyed is David McCandless. Although I don’t endorse Davids choice of visualizations, I am inspired by his attempt to educate the mass […]


What is a Business Intelligence Vision?

If we were to take the literal interpretation of the definition of BI, we might say something such as “Business intelligence [BI]  is a set of techniques and methodologies that helps an organization make faster, more profitable decisions”. What BI actually means to your organization is defined from your BI […]


Computer Games Used for Training in Decision Making

A prototype that could be used in computer games or e-learning to help train users in decision making is the focus of a study of researchers at Queen’s University Belfast. The theory is taht by using the game to help players improve their ability recognise and make allowances for their […]


Does Analytics Lead to Tunnel Vision?

I was reading some marketing material about growing a subscriber base and how easy it is to fool yourself into preaching to the converted. It got me thinking how the same could apply to analytics. The core foundation of analytics is to mine out those micro markets that offer the […]


Applying CPM to Your Personal Life

Performance measurement and management does not only apply to business. It also applied to life. There is a great quote ” The measure of a man is not how well he starts, but how well he finishes”. When one reaches the 40’s it is easy to fall into the trap […]


New Releases in TLO Management Insight Series

I am really excited to announce the release of two new additions to the TLO Management Insight Series: Leading With SPI Getting to Cloud Leading with SPI – Driving Productivity and Profit using Strategic Performance Improvement Leading with SPI provides a detailed, step-by-step guide to driving better strategic definition and […]


Who Is Running The Business?

I have just been reading Robert Peston’s book Who Runs Britain? I recognised many parallels with Who Runs Business? With the Internet expanding the voice of shareholders across blogs, news sites and forums, is logical decision making being crowded out by shareholder pandering to silence the hounds. Just how much […]


Demystifying Metrics, Measures, Dimensions and Indicators

Continuing on from the previous blog ‘Simplifying Business Measurement‘ Each business function has a core set of decisions that define it, and its connections with the decision-making processes of other functional areas. For each decision area there are: Goals that define its purpose – often set as ‘targets’ Metrics that […]


Simplifying Business Measurement

When we attempt to measure the performance of a business we need to understand two things: How the business is defined – the terms we use for various items and attributes The measurement system to be used – Business Terminology and Definitions A business is defined in terms of functional […]


Review of New Media Analytics for the Obama Presidential Campaign

I finally had a chance on my weeks holiday to catch up with some reading and review and wanted to share this gem with you. This video shares the experiences with Dan Siroker, previously of Google, then head of the New Media Analytics team for the Obama Campaign. Dan describes […]