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The Role of Change Networks

The world is fast becoming¬† densely connected, ¬†introducing both new promise and new peril. With data flowing openly across most international borders, consumers have become creators, and new innovation, risks and news cascade through the system immune to local politics. For organizations to prevent innovation turning from promise to peril, […]


Performance, Innovation and Complexity

When looking at performance we need to consider the role of innovation and complexity in business. Innovation is no longer solely focused in traditional products and services, but in business processes, business models and management models. Innovation in these areas are far more sustainable and competitive that innovation in products […]


BI Helps Overcome The Dominant Logic

Business Intelligence has many benefits, not directly attributed to the technology. Apart from providing current data and analytical capability, BI tools can help overcome cultural issues such as what Professor Josep Valor, Sabatier of the IESE Business School of Navarra, Spain, describes as the “dominant logic” of a company. According […]