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Much has been written about corporate performance and the emerging new way of competition – business intelligence. Over the years I have witnessed great companies, full of energy bursting to get new products to the market, but doing so in an outdated mode.

Process re-engineering has largely refined operations, but the human element remains a major part of its success. Management theories have exploded through business review sites, with much shared as to what makes one organisation perform better than another. Governance has been brought to the top of the list as regulatory bodies and reporting standards demand transparency and accuracy. Yet, in spite of these drivers, most organisations have yet to address their evolutionary issues, and remain operating in outdated modes.

The Logical Organisation ™ is my model as to how organisations need to restructure themselves to remain competitive in todays rapid paced global environment.  

Most organisations have survived by making strategic decisions based upon less than valid information and strongly tainted by subjective input. Whilst this ‘intuitive’ or ‘seat of the pants’ approach to business may have produced reasonable results in previous years, the above factors that are now driving the business environment make this approach unsuited to sustainable performance.

Today, organisations must use a more structured approach to decision making. They need to be able to extract valid logic from the masses of information available, and determine the likely outcome of decisions in both short and long term timelines. As we have traversed the ‘high performing’ organisation, and the collaborative ‘intelligent enterprise’, we are entering the era of The Logical Organisation ™.

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