Logical Interpretation – A Subjective Experience

I ran into a very dear friend last night who is an esteemed Doctor of Philosophy and Emeritus Professor. His sphere of expertise has been in theology, most particularly in debunking the theory of evolution. My knowledge in this sphere is such that I would never even consider debating any of his propositions.

I mentioned to him that I had completed my book and proudly handed him one of my promotional postcards. He looked at it and a grin crossed his face as he realised that he had, at first glance, read the title as ‘Theological Organization’ instead of the books real title ‘The Logical Organization’.

In laser quick speed the question as to why I would possibly consider that I would have anything of merit to contribute in his area of expertise also crossed his mind. This is of course a totally valid conclusion, so we shared in the amusement of this however, I also recognized that my view of ‘logic’ would no doubt come under scrutiny. On this ground I feel secure, so I quickly clarified that my reference to ‘logic’ per se was purely in the context of making business decisions.

He accepted my response graciously but explained that there have been many ‘authorities’ on logic in the past that have been somewhat deluded in their interpretation of the subject.

We promised to explore this debate at a later date. It was only on my way home that I realised that he had just provided me a perfect example of one one of the elements I cover in my book. That each of us interpret reality in the context of our previous experiences and biases.

This is what no doubt led his first reading the title as ‘theological’ rather than ‘the logical’.  I rest my case!

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