Choice of 3 Simple Responses to the Current Downturn

Since most of you have been bombarded with blog entries and articles on how to survive the tough times, I am going to keep this short and sweet. There are only 3 ways to respond to the current situation:

  1. Ignore It,
  2. Accept Defeat, or
  3. Take Control

And the way to take control is to put the customer back into the center of your business

“Act on every lead, Win every deal, Keep every customer.”

It is easy for businesses to seek complex solutions to simple problems, and whilst the magnitude of the problem today is significant, the best response is quite simple. If your business does not have the tools to tell you how well you are performing in each of these three key areas, how do you expect to perform better than your competitors. BI is about collecting data on a continuous basis so you can convert it hour by hour into usable, actionable information. If you can not see the change in state of your business in real time, you are going to find it very difficult to make the best of the current market environment. I have a favorite saying….If its not in sight, it’s not insight!

Even large, cumbersome businesses are experiencing remarkable improvements from using BI solutions:

Sales Pipleline – 172% increase

Sales Growth – 70% increase

Team Productivity – 20% increase

It’s no longer a matter of not being able to afford CRM/BI tools – it’s a matter of not being able to afford to NOT have them.

So don’t let the current gloom beat your business – get data, get insight, get ahead….Take control!

Watch out for my next blog which will include a short audio on exactly how BI provides competitive advantage in EVERY part of your business.

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