Decision Making in Times of Good Performance

The performance you measure today is a result of the decisions you made in the past. Many organisations mistakenly believe that if the numbers are good, then staying the course is a viable option. Yet the decisions made yesterday were based on yesterdays environment. The business world is littered with companies that were glorified one minute and glorified the next.

The option to ‘stay the course’ is only valid if the environment in which you will be operating in the future is the same as the past. Twenty years ago, even only ten years ago that may have been reasonably valid. But not today. Today, the changes are so fast, and much more subtle. Small incremental, seemingly insignificant changes in market, supply and technology build into large significant changes very quickly.

It is essential that organizations have reliable information collection and analysis systems to identify and interpret changes and trends that may significantly impact their future. And once these changes are recognised, the company must start acting immediately to counter the new force.

Those who don’t manoeuvre to make the force work for them, will likely bear the consequences of the force moving against them.

The Logic Evangelist

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