The Serious Business of People

It is always mindful to remember that we must balance the powerful outputs of business intelligence technology, with the collective wisdom inherent in those minds which convert BI insight into decisions.

The machine we use for thinking, our brain, networks with other brains in a kind of collective consciousness – where often what we say is not always perceived by others in terms of what we meant. So how does one judge the minds of others. Men have beeen struggling with this for years, as they seek to understand just an inkling of how to interpret the brains of women! In business, where decisions are often made in collaborative enviornments, understanding these various in thinking communication is serious stuff.

This interesting video provides insight into how a special brain region for thinking, right temporal parietal junction [RTPJ], controls how we judge other peoples thoughts. So just what can one do to enhance collaboration – should everyone be wired to a TMS machine during decision making to make sure we get the decision we want?. I will leave that judgement to you – just remember check the sugar!

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