Review of New Media Analytics for the Obama Presidential Campaign

I finally had a chance on my weeks holiday to catch up with some reading and review and wanted to share this gem with you.

This video shares the experiences with Dan Siroker, previously of Google, then head of the New Media Analytics team for the Obama Campaign. Dan describes how the campaign used data to win the presidential election and shares the lessons his team learned along the way. One can apply these lessons to any data-driven decision one needs to make — whether it be in developing, designing, or even marketing.


Evidence, facts, science and feedback and how it was used interactively in the Obama campaign. Learn the top 5 lessons that should define the methodology of any new media campaign.

The five key lessons were:

  1. Define quantifiable success metrics
  2. Focus on your weakest links
  3. Never over-generalize
  4. Take advantage of circumstances
  5. Question assumptions

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