Business Intelligence Bringing Left Brain Innovation Into Play

Over the past few years, innovation was a big part of the strategy in most organizations. This often resulted in various education programs to activate and energize the so-called creative right brain. Business intelligence tools are now bringing the innovation focus to the left side of the brain, the logical side.

It is often thought that the left side of the brain lacks the ability to provide for innovation, yet it is the very logic of the insights gained from BI tools that is driving organizations that use BI to becoming market leaders.

With the economy seemingly collapsing by the minute, the availability of reliable, relevant information is even more important than ever. The market forces and interrelationships are more complex than ever before, and Sales and Marketing teams that lack this capability will struggle to identify where their efforts will provide the best returns.

Listen to this brief audio on how BI can benefit the effectiveness and profitability of sales teams.

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