Using BI To Drive Organizational Transformation

Business Intelligence is well recognised for its ability to optimize both the cost and revenue activities in an organization. What is less recognized is the power of BI as a process transformational tool.

By using a Business Intelligence driven design approach, enterprise transformation programs can dramatically increase their chances for attaining pre-defined business value.

This occurs at several levels:

  1. BI ensures that all processes are directly linked to strategic objectives
  2. Information embedded into processes ensures that intelligent, evidence based decisions are made
  3. Alerts and automated decision making can significantly speed up a deliverable cycle
  4. Processes monitoring and feedback via dashboards ensures a continuous improvement cycle is effective

This extends the value of BI far beyond the capability to extract, aggregate and analyze data.

Using BI to enable enterprise processes and other supporting technology can fundamentally change the way an enterprise responds to its organizational design challenges.

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