Leadership Judgement vs. Rational Decision Making

Making judgement calls is an everyday activity for most leaders. But often, decisions are too complex to rely on gut feel or instinct. They require sufficient information to drive more logic based decisions.

We start making judgement decisions from the day we are born, taking in all the environmental, comfort and influence factors around us. We get comfortable with this style of decision making, and oftentimes overlook just what and who is influencing our decision making.
Every person has their own filters, biases and personal agendas – it’s human nature and for most, a subconscious participation in decision making. With less time for making decisions today, and even less time to make and correct mistakes, leaders need to use more reliable frameworks fo making complex decisions. Regardless of the tools one uses, not all decisions will have perfect outcomes. But leaders can certainly tip the odds to their favor using tools such as Business Intelligence Analytics.

Since leaders are judged largely by the quality of the decisions they make, it makes sense to use all the data and tools available today to drive that quality higher. Decision quality is measured by speed, considerations of all drivers and stakeholders, and the impact of the outcome on the strategic goals of the business. And, just as important today, decisions need to be transparent for the protection of both the business and the leader.

If you are still making decisions based on judgement, you are tempting fate in ways that have repercussions on not only the business, but also yourself and your family. The best decision any leader can make right now is to protect all stakeholders by implementing a sound analytical application from which reliable, relevant and real time information can be accessed and applied to problem solving and opportunity conversion. Logic driven decisions support evidence based management. Not only will your decisions be smarter – they will be auditable.

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